Analyze the development of artificial quartz stone

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Update time : 2018-04-21 20:38:48
The artificial stone industry has achieved rapid development and has come to the artificial quartz stone road. Undoubtedly, artificial quartz stone has become the fastest growing and most popular variety in the stone industry. Quartz stone has been widely used in foreign countries, and is widely used in kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, bar tables, floors, and exterior wall surfaces.

Since entering the twenty-first century, Italy is the first country to produce synthetic quartz stone. Over time, Spain, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Oman, South Korea, and Vietnam have successively put on synthetic quartz. At present, the manufacturers of synthetic quartz stone plates in China are small in scale, and the pace of development of the industry is slow. They mainly remain in the production of artificial marble.
Let us now understand what is artificial quartz stone.
Artificial quartz stone is a new type of stone that is artificially synthesized from more than 90% of quartz crystals plus resin and other trace elements. It is a large-size plate that is pressed by special machines under certain physical and chemical conditions. Due to the fact that quartz is the main material, the artificial quartz stone is hard and dense, and compared with the artificial marble, it has a high surface hardness (Mohs hardness 6 to 7), scratch resistance and wear resistance, impact resistance, bending resistance, and resistance. Pressure, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-permeability and other properties are also superior to artificial marble. No deformation, no cracking, no discoloration, no fading, durable, easy maintenance. Does not contain any sources of pollution and radiation, green environmental protection. The
Because of the characteristics of artificial quartz stone, it achieves its unique advantages. Synthetic quartz stone has the following advantages compared to other stone materials:
Can not scrape flowers. Quartzite has a quartz content as high as 94%. Quartz crystals are natural minerals second only to diamond in nature, and their surface hardness can reach Mohs hardness of 7.5, which is much larger than that used in the kitchen, such as knife shovels, and will not be scraped. hurt. The
Contaminated. Quartzite is a dense, non-porous composite material manufactured under vacuum conditions. Its quartz surface has excellent resistance to acid and alkali in the kitchen. Daily use of liquid materials does not penetrate the interior of the quartz stone. The liquid on the surface can only be wiped off with a rag using a cleaner such as water or Jie Liang. If necessary, the surface can be scraped off with a blade. The
Use is not old. The bright and shiny surface of quartz stone is processed through more than 30 complicated polishing processes. It will not be scratched by a blade, will not permeate liquid substances, and will not cause yellowing and discoloration. Daily cleaning requires only flushing with clean water. It's simple and easy. Even after a long period of use, its surface is as bright as a newly installed countertop, requiring no maintenance and maintenance. The
Can not burn. Natural quartz crystal is a typical refractory material, its melting point is as high as 1300 degrees, and quartzite made of 94% natural quartz is completely flame-retardant, it will not burn due to contact with high temperature, and it also has artificial stone and other countertops can not match the high temperature characteristic. The
Non-toxic and no radiation. The surface of quartz stone is smooth, smooth and no traces of Chinese are retained. The dense and non-porous material structure makes bacteria nowhere to hide and can be in direct contact with food. It is completely non-toxic!
At present, the foreign quartz stone brands include Celis, Kesa Stone, Hi-Silron, Delistone, Clonwest, Omega, PKL, Baoguang Long, Tesco, and Kang Park. There are only 16 manufacturers specializing in the production of quartz stone in the world, and there are 20 production lines of Cericite. The products account for 90% of the European market and 70% of the American market, but they are far from meeting the market demand. The manufacturers of quartz stones in South Korea export US$130 million annually to European and American markets.
The internationally mature quartz stone market includes Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. In Australia, quartz consumption accounts for 35% of the world's total, followed by the United States for 22% and Canada for 14%. In addition to mature quartz and stone consumer regions such as Europe and the United States, the quartz stone market in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea has grown significantly. In the cabinet industry, quartz stone is becoming a new alternative. On the other hand, the structure of foreign quartz stone applications has changed, and the proportion of ground decoration has increased significantly. This should be a potential trend. The
The artificial quartz stone in the domestic market is also getting more and more attention, and there is a tendency to replace the aluminum powder plate. Because the profits are relatively high, the number of domestically-run companies has increased significantly. And not only did the previous equipment do aluminum plate, some former manufacturers of ceramic tile made of microcrystalline stone are interested in making artificial quartz stone. The
At present, the domestic artificial stone industry is mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and other places, due to fewer and fewer natural ore production sources, and restrictions on blind mining, artificial stone demand growth.
In the aspect of production, the production process of artificial quartz stone and artificial stone is similar. The difference is that the filler used is highly wear-resistant quartz sand and quartz powder, and the filler content is as high as about 90%. Mohs hardness up to 7 scratch resistance, its stain resistance, water resistance, fire resistance and other properties determine it is a direction of artificial stone plate development. In recent years, the number of artificial quartz stone production lines launched at home has soared. There are more than a dozen companies that use vacuum casting to produce quartz stones. However, the equipment has a large difference and varies in quality. Some finished products have more bubbles: Although the hardness is higher, but as a wall material is easily deformed, the fine quartz stone production line costs between RMB 6 million and more than RMB 10 million, and is vacuum-pressurized and pressurized to synthesize. The tower is solidified, the product contains a low amount of glue, and the texture is dense and non-porous, and a few good quality products have approached the Italian artificial quartz standard.
Although some developments have been made in the production of domestic artificial quartz stones, there is still a considerable gap compared with foreign countries. The rapid development of foreign industries can be attributed to its high-tech industry, high technological content, and willingness to invest in R&D. It is precisely because of this that the pace of development is so rapid. Domestic companies will only introduce foreign technology and equipment, and they will not pay attention to independent research and development. In addition, as far as raw materials are concerned, many domestic quartz stone factories have no awareness of the raw materials issue. They buy the cheapest quartz sand production, and the color is not bright enough. At the same time, the content and purity are difficult to guarantee.
In summary, the domestic synthetic quartz stone manufacturers must strengthen their understanding of quartz stones, and must be familiar with the control of some key indicators as soon as possible. In fact, the quality of quartz stones is of utmost importance. Only by paying attention to quality and pursuing product quality, can we compete against foreign big brands in order to be invincible in market competition.
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