Electroplated diamond tool and its preparation process

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Update time : 2018-04-21 20:45:34
The invention relates to a nano-composite electroplating diamond tool and a preparation process thereof. The nano-composite electroplating diamond tool includes a substrate, and the substrate is coated with a nano-composite electroplated diamond matrix, and the nano-composite electroplated diamond matrix is formed by a matrix. The work layer and the carcass diameter protection layer constitute, the nano composite electroplated diamond carcass is provided with a nozzle; the preparation process includes the following steps: 1) preparing a composite plating solution; 2) electroplating diamond tool plating pretreatment; 3) pre-plating 4) nano composite electroplated carcass working layer inlay mold; 5) nano composite electroplated carcass diameter layer, after the carcass working layer is plated, after the slot is activated and re-inserted into the electroplating; 6) electroplated diamond tool out of the slot deal with. The beneficial effect of the present invention is that the electroplated diamond tool obtained by the nano-composite electroplating process has a multi-phase structure, the abrasion resistance is improved, the service life of the electroplating tool is improved, and the production cost is low.
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