Surface treatment: put beautiful coat on domestic stone

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Update time : 2018-04-02 17:09:43
People rely on clothes to wear horse saddles - the same is true for stone products. When the domestic stone is still "uncovered," foreign stone has been wearing "the rain of the United States" and carried out product packaging - at present almost all imported marble plates, most of the granite plates have done surface chemical treatment. Although most domestic stone companies lack understanding of this, this situation is being broken. Shenzhen Jixingyuan Coating Equipment Co., Ltd. has successfully tackled the stone surface treatment, and all materials are epoxy acrylic resins, which are made by UV curing technology. Put on a beautiful coat. The building stone is viewed from the perspective of mineralogy, which is a kind of rock composed of various minerals. The reason why the stone is colorful is mainly caused by the color minerals contained in the stone.

Building stone is a kind of rock composed of various minerals. The reason why it appears colorful is mainly caused by the color minerals contained in the stone. Some of the active minerals in the finished stone are weathered by long-term wind and rain, and some components and colors begin to change. This is the stone rust and fading phenomenon that we usually see, which causes the stone to lose its beautiful appearance and produce alterations and other defects. In the natural world, long-term weathering does not change the composition and color of the so-called high-quality stone is very little, without "packaged" domestic stone after several years, under the influence of wind, rain, sun, air pollution, decorative plate The smoothness, waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-weathering ability, completeness of the board surface and color are much less than imported stone. Why is there such a big difference? It is not the quality of imported stone that is better than domestic ones, but the surface has been chemically treated. The early photo-curing coatings were mainly used for wood coating. With the continuous development of technology and market development, the substrates for photo-curable coatings have been expanded from single wood to paper, various plastics, metals, cement products, Fabrics, leather, stone (protection glue), etc.

At present, foreign stone materials are all made using heat-curing technology when they leave the factory, and some are based on the heating methods of multiple large boilers, which have high energy consumption, low production efficiency, pollution to the environment, and large floor space. And Ji Xingyuan coating epoxy acrylic curing technology (UV), only a few UV lamps can replace large boiler equipment. Light curing technology is an energy-saving and clean environment-friendly technology. It saves energy. The energy consumption is only one-fifth that of heat-curing. It is solvent-free, has a protective effect on the ecological environment, and does not emit toxic gas and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. , it is known as "green technology." Photo-curing technology (UV) is a kind of photo-processing technology that uses a certain wavelength of ultraviolet light to irradiate a liquid epoxy acrylic resin at high speed to form a solid state. The photo-curing reaction is essentially a photo-initiated polymerization and cross-linking reaction. Photo-curable coating is the earliest example of successful large-scale application of photo-curing technology in the industry. It is also the largest product in the photo-curing industry. It is much larger than photo-curable inks and light-curing adhesives, and epoxy-acrylic acid is the main light-curable coating. .

The appearance of photocurable coatings has also changed from the original high gloss type to matt type, matte type (imitation metal etching) metal flash type, pearl type, bronzing type, texture type, etc. Suitable coating methods include coating, roller coating, Spraying, dipping, etc. Now light curing penetrates into all aspects of traditional goods, making the goods more beautiful. The appearance of UV has solved some key stone surface treatment technical problems. Firstly, the principle of UV light waves is used to penetrate the stone into the interior of the stone. When the curing reaction is completed, the UV surface also has a higher hardness. In the use of stone, the surface is not in contact with the outside world but the coating is in contact with the outside world. When the UV coating is damaged, it is very easy to repair and restore the original appearance. Photocuring (UV) curing technology will cause revolutionary changes in the stone industry, making maintenance more efficient, convenient, environmentally friendly, and less costly. Shenzhen Jixingyuan Coating Equipment Co., Ltd. began to focus on UV curing research many years ago, actively absorbing advanced production experience from abroad, and continuously improving its own production technology. Through its technical processing, the product has a novel and generous appearance and stable performance. It is widely recognized throughout the country and enjoys high reputation and credibility in the domestic market. The products are also exported to Southeast Asia and are well received by overseas counterparts and users.
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